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Qurbani 2024

Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, Follow the Sunnah of Ibrahim (AS)

Qurbani 2024

Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, Follow the Sunnah of Ibrahim (AS)

Eid Al-Adha 2024

Qurbani Donation

On this Dhul-Hijjah, helping in the form of qurbani donation, you can help provide food for a family living in poverty or impacted by natural disasters. Follow the example of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and fulfil your obligation to share in the joy of Eid Al-Adha by feeding the hungry. By donating to the Alauddin Trust you can trust that your Qurbani will reach out to those who are in need and in need of assistance.

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The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“There is no act of man on the day of Nahr (Eid al-Adha) more beloved unto Allah than the sacrifice. And indeed, the sacrificed animal will appear on Qiyamat day with its horns, hooves and skin. And indeed, the blood of the sacrifice is accepted by Allah even before it touches the ground. So perform the sacrifice with a happy heart.”

– Ibni Maja, Tirmidhi


Your Qurbani donation will bring joy and nourishment to families who are hungry on this Eid Al-Adha across Pakistan in a country where the rate of poverty is on the rise at an alarming rate. The Qurbani process is scrutinised and conducted in conformity with the Sunnah and the best quality animals, and prioritising orphans, widows, and those who are vulnerable. Donate today and you will be able to feed people in need.

How We Deliver Your Qurbani

We recognize the importance of sourcing high-quality products from hard-working farmers. We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure that Qurbani animals are bred in a healthy way and in accordance with Qurbani rules.

Our team on the ground will make sure that every family in need receives an energising meal during this Qurbani Eid with their share of the Qurbani donation. We make use of your donations to choose the best animals for Qurbani and perform the sacrifice for you. We ensure that the Qurbani is performed in the month of Eid and that fresh meat is distributed as quickly as possible to ensure that the less fortunate can enjoy the benefits of Eid. Small animals count as a share. A large animal is counted as seven shares.

Deadlines for Qurbani donations are subject to quotas being fulfilled.

Cheques, postal orders, bank transfers, along with the information about your Qurbani are due by the 15th of June, 2024 on a Saturday. Personal information including a contact phone number, must be provided.

When making a transfer to a bank make sure you include a reference, such as an address, or Donor ID.

Please also email or call us on (+44) 01213922444 with the details of your donation. If we do not receive any information within two working days of completing the transfer, One Nation will receive it according to the closest Qurbani price. In the event that it is not received the contribution will be acknowledged as a 'Sadaqah.'

When you place the order and make the payment, a receipt along with the Qurbani numbers will then be assigned and distributed to the person who placed the order or donation who is the person on whose behalf the Qurbani is scheduled to be conducted.

If an animal of significant size is chosen for the benefit of several (up of seven) the intention of the donors should be shared by all but the names and contact information of only one individual need to be given at the when placing the order.

The total amount for each animal/share is rounded off to the closest round figure, taking into account the fluctuating rates of conversion and other expenses. Any excess amounts (if there is any) are used to fund any other expenses related to Qurbani or for another cause that is charitable. One Nation and its ground staff will be the representatives of donors in the purchase, planning, and execution of the Qurbani and finally dispersing the meat.

Healthy and moderately sized animals are bought to be used for Qurbani considering the Shari'ah's requirements regarding the presence of defects and age-related restrictions.

The Qurbani will be performed over the course of three days during Qurbani. Meat is cut up and given through One Nation staff to families in poor and deprived areas.

In the event of an issue that is unexpectedly arising from buying the animals or running Qurbani, One Nation will notify the donors. Qurbani, we will notify the donors prior to or during the day of Qurbani.

Every effort will be made to implement Qurbanis in the chosen country However, in the event of any issues that arise, Qurbanis may be carried out within a similar cost area and any donor will be informed prior to or following the Qurbani is completed.

The Qurbani's skins and other products that aren't consumed will be given to the poor or be sold to businesses and the proceeds from such an instance will be put to the cause of charity through One Nation.

In the weeks leading up to Eid, donors can look on the website to see when the Qurbani of their country has been completed.

Qurbani (also called Udhiya and often called the Sunnah of Ibrahim) is the most important Islamic practice of offering a sacrifice to an animal that is grazing during the celebration of Eid ul-Adha. The festival is celebrated between the 16th and 20th June of the month Dhul Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar.

Qurbani is a vital way to keep in mind and help the most vulnerable people in our communities, making sure they are not ostracised from celebrations that are community-wide. By sacrificing an animal during the Eid ul-Adha festivities, Qurbani brings the entire Ummah together since the meat is given to the poor and needy families. When you make a Qurbani donation you fulfil the obligation of a religion and assist the most vulnerable.

Make your Qurbani donation through Alauddin Trust for just £85 per cow share.

For those who are able, they are advised to adhere to the Sunnah and offer the Prophetic Qurbani and the sacrifice of their own. The Prophet Muhammad used to sacrifice two animals each year, one in the name of himself and the second for his Ummah.

The extra sacrifice could be made available to the most vulnerable in the same way as Zakat al-Fitr is offered at the close of Ramadan in order that the most disadvantaged communities can enjoy a nutritious full and nutritious meal that is filled with fresh meat during the days of Eid al-Adha.

On the basis of Kathir bin Abdullah It is reported that Prophet Muhammad stated, “Whoever revives a Sunnah of mine that dies out after I am gone, he will have a reward equivalent to that of those among the people who act upon it, without that detracting from their reward in the slightest.” (Ibn Majah)

You can make a bigger impact through your Qurbani contribution this year by giving in a Prophetic way.

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