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Ramadan Appeal 2024

The Blessed Month of Giving

Ramadan Appeal 2024

The Blessed Month of Giving

Ramadan Live Charity Appeal


Ramadan 2024 Live Charity Appeal

Welcome to the Alauddin Siddiqui Trust Ramadan 2024 Live Charity Appeal! Join us for this blessed month of Ramadan as we come together to make a difference. From Thursday, March 12th, 2024, until the new moon, tune in to NOOR TV, SKY CHANNEL 739, every evening from 6:00 PM till late at night, and be a part of our live charity appeal.

Led by Jansheen-e-Hazoor Shaykh ul Alam, Hazrat Allama Khawaja Pir MUHAMMAD NOOR-UL-ARFEEN SIDDIQUI (D.B.A) Sajjad Nasheen Darbar-e-Aliya, Nerian Sharif, our charity appeal aims to bring hope and assistance to those in need. With your support and generosity, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of others during this sacred time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to a noble cause and experience the blessings of giving during Ramadan. Together, let’s make a difference and spread compassion and kindness to all. Join us for the Alauddin Siddiqui Trust Ramadan 2024 Live Charity Appeal and be part of something truly special.


The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“Whoever draws near to Allah by performing any virtuous deed (in Ramadan) shall be like the one who had performed an obligatory act (Fard) in any other time, and whoever performs an obligatory act (Fard), shall be like the one who performed seventy obligatory acts in any other time.”

– Al-Bayhaqi

Ramadan 2024

Donate to Support the Needy

Donate to the Alauddin Trust this Ramadan 2024 and make a lasting impact on the lives of the needy. With your contribution, we can provide essential food, healthcare, and education to underprivileged communities. Together, let’s spread hope, compassion, and uplift those in need during this sacred month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Appeals

Iftaar Camp
Any Amount
Eid Gift
Any Amount
Food Pack For 10 Families
1 Musallah
Any Amount
Eid Gift Pack For 5 People
Any Amount
Family Food Pack For Bangladesh
Any Amount
Eid Gift For Bangladesh
Any Amount


Join hands with Alauddin Trust this Ramadan 2024 and give hope to the needy. Our dedicated efforts ensure that families receive iftar and sehri meals, along with all other Ramadan necessities. Your support enables us to alleviate hunger and provide essential aid to those who need it most during this blessed month. Together, let’s make this holy month memorable for those in need, spreading love, compassion, and the spirit of Ramadan. Donate to Alauddin Trust and create a positive impact that lasts a lifetime.

FAQs for Ramadan

The Ramadan Appeal 2024 for Alauddin Trust is a campaign aimed at raising funds and support to provide essential aid to the needy during the holy month of Ramadan.

The funds raised through the Ramadan Appeal 2024 go directly towards supporting the programs and initiatives of Alauddin Trust, ensuring that the needy receive the necessary aid and support during Ramadan.

You can stay updated on the progress of the Ramadan Appeal 2024 by following Alauddin Trust's official website and social media channels. We regularly share updates, success stories, and information regarding our ongoing initiatives.

Yes! When making a donation to the Ramadan Appeal 2024, you can specify any preferences or instructions regarding the allocation of your donation. Whether you want it to be used for providing Iftar meals, supporting educational programs, or any other specific cause, Alauddin Trust will honor your request to the best of its ability while adhering to its overall mission of helping the needy during Ramadan.

Our pledge is to guarantee that your kindness reaches those who require it the most. Through our 100% Zakat Donation Policy, every penny of your Zakat donation during this Ramadan 2024 will be utilized to benefit someone in need, whether it’s for food packs, Iftar meals, Eid gifts, or other necessities. Your Zakat is valuable, so please compute your Zakat and make a contribution today.

Your contribution will directly impact the lives of individuals and families facing hardships during Ramadan. We ensure that our 100% Zakat Donation Policy maximizes the impact of your donation, reaching the most deserving recipients.

By computing your Zakat and making a donation today, you play a crucial role in bringing joy, comfort, and relief to those in need. Together, let’s make a difference and uplift communities during this blessed month of Ramadan.

With our dedicated 100% Zakat Donation Policy, when you offer your Zakat this Ramadan, each and every penny will be channeled to provide utmost benefit to individuals in need.

From essential food packs to nourishing Iftar meals, and even heartfelt Eid gifts, your Zakat holds immense value. We urge you to calculate your Zakat and make a donation today, knowing that your contribution will make a significant impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

At Alauddin Trust, we recognize the profound importance of your Zakat, and our transparent approach ensures that your charitable funds are utilized solely for noble purposes. Embrace the true spirit of giving during this sacred month and join us in making a difference. Together, let’s create positive change and bring hope to those in need.

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